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There was a lot to talk about regarding the senior housing and healthcare investments at the upcoming EXPO REAL in Munich. How do investors perceive this asset class compared to others? Is it still attractive and resilient as it was before Covid pandemic? Did inflation, growing construction prices, shortage of care workers and changing the approach of the investors?  Or apart from the hurdles, aging demographics makes this asset class uncorrelated with the economic trends?

Watch the video to get the answers!

  • Yeliz Bicici, Chief Operating Officer Offices & Real Estate Development, Cofinimmo
  • Marcus Roberts, Director, Operational Capital Markets Head, Savills
  • Nikolai Schmidt, Managing Director – Transaction Health Care, Swiss Life Asset Managers
  • Andrew Smith, Group Head of Business Development, Northern Horizon
  • Dr. Stefan Voß, Partner, CMS Germany
  • Ron van Bloois, Chair, SHHA (moderator)
  • Richard Betts, Publisher, Real Asset Media


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