The SHHA events are designed to bring together industry leaders – operators, developers, financial institutions, investors, to share insights and best practices from around the world.


Join us on June 18th in Brussels for the much-anticipated Senior Housing and Healthcare Summit, proudly hosted by SHHA, EPRA and Deloitte. After the resounding success of our inaugural event, we’re back to delve even deeper into the critical issues facing our sector.

The landscape of senior housing and healthcare is rapidly evolving, driven by the unstoppable force of demographic change. As the wave of aging demographics sweeps across Europe, it’s imperative that we come together to create a new ecosystem capable of meeting the diverse needs of older adults.

At our Summit, we’ll foster open dialogue among key stakeholders including investors, developers, operators, municipalities, and NGOs. Together, we’ll explore innovative solutions to scale our activities to unprecedented levels and build inclusive, affordable spaces for seniors.

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Our sector isn’t just about nursing homes—it encompasses a spectrum of real estate products and services that directly impact the lives of individuals aged 60 and above. We recognize the distinct needs of different age groups within this demographic and aim to dispel misconceptions surrounding senior housing and healthcare.

Moreover, we’re committed to shifting the narrative from solely addressing chronic diseases to promoting longevity and wellness through appropriate infrastructure and services.

The Senior Housing and Healthcare Summit serves as a platform for learning, engagement, and collaboration. Whether you’re looking to understand market fundamentals, explore investment opportunities, or simply lend your voice to this vital conversation, our event offers a unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders and align with the broader value chain.

At SHHA, we believe in the power of collaboration and openness. We invite you to join us in shaping the future of senior housing and healthcare—where cooperation thrives alongside competition.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of something truly transformative. Mark your calendars and secure your spot at the second edition of the Senior Housing and Healthcare Summit. Together, let’s pave the way for a brighter, healthier future for seniors across Europe and beyond!


SHHA at Expo Real 2023

The senior housing and healthcare asset class from an ESG perspective

From an ESG perspective, the seniors housing and healthcare sector ticks all the boxes. In terms of a level playing field and universal language, we need more research on standards, insight into OPCO and PROPCO, and validated ESG data. Measuring environmental performance (e.g. energy consumption and CO2) is becoming part of everyday practice, but how do we measure ESG impact? How do we consider valuation: at the asset level or at the societal level? And at what level do we need to address governance? How do investors implement ESG strategies? Does the social side of this asset class make it more attractive to investors?


SHHA at MIPIM 2023


There was a lot to talk about regarding the senior housing and healthcare investments at the upcoming EXPO REAL in Munich. How do investors perceive this asset class compared to others? Is it still attractive and resilient as it was before Covid pandemic? Did inflation, growing construction prices, shortage of care workers and changing the approach of the investors?  Or apart from the hurdles, aging demographics makes this asset class uncorrelated with the economic trends?

Watch the video to get the answers!

  • Yeliz Bicici, Chief Operating Officer Offices & Real Estate Development, Cofinimmo
  • Marcus Roberts, Director, Operational Capital Markets Head, Savills
  • Nikolai Schmidt, Managing Director – Transaction Health Care, Swiss Life Asset Managers
  • Andrew Smith, Group Head of Business Development, Northern Horizon
  • Dr. Stefan Voß, Partner, CMS Germany
  • Ron van Bloois, Chair, SHHA (moderator)
  • Richard Betts, Publisher, Real Asset Media


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